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How to make integrated sewage treatment equipment operate efficiently


Summer is the season with the largest amount of domestic sewage discharge, and it is also the high incidence period of integrated sewage treatment equipmentfailure. Once the abnormality of domestic sewage treatment equipment is abnormal, it will affect the daily life of rural residents. How to maintain the integrated sewage treatment equipment efficiently? ? Today, Kinglv Environmental Protection tell you the main points of efficient operation and maintenance.

Generally, relying on manual inspection is time-consuming and limited in effect. Only advanced sensing technology and intelligent monitoring can improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the equipment. With the development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, high-quality integrated sewage treatment equipment has installed a large number of sensors inside the equipment, and excellent equipment suppliers have also developed an intelligent monitoring and management platform. According to the help of the intelligent management and control platform, the operation and maintenance management personnel can realize the control of the sewage treatment equipment for 24 hours. Once an abnormal system is encountered, an alarm will be issued and the operation and maintenance personnel will rush to the scene to handle the abnormality.

However, it is not enough to have only one monitoring and maintenance system. There are many reasons for the failure of sewage treatment equipment. The monitoring system can't be comprehensive, and professional operation and maintenance personnel are needed to accurately identify the problem. Professional operation and maintenance personnel not only increase the daily processing capacity of the sewage department, but also greatly reduce the operating costs. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, a professional maintenance team is also the key.

Proper and efficient maintenance and maintenance can reduce equipment maintenance costs and operating costs, extend the service life of integrated wastewater treatment equipment, and make sewage treatment equipment better serve our lives.

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