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Application of microfiltration machine in sewage treatment


The microfiltration machine is a new type of water treatment equipment, which can be used in the raw water filtration (such as algae removal), industrial wastewater filtration, circulating cooling water filtration and other sewage treatment in the waterworks. The environmental protection equipment manufacturer Kinglv Environmental will explain the principle of the microfiltration machine.

The microfiltration machine is a rotary drum type screen filtration and recovery solid-liquid separation device. Under the action of gravity, the water is filtered by the filter screen, and the filtered fiber is guided by the guide vanes disposed on the inner mesh surface. Move to the slurry end until the discharge port is discharged to achieve recycling. The working principle: the treated wastewater enters the microfiltration machine drum in the axial direction and flows out through the screen in a radial radial direction. The impurities in the water (fine suspension, fiber, pulp, etc.) are trapped in the microfiltration machine drum. Inside the upper screen. When the impurities trapped on the filter screen are brought to the upper part of the microfiltration machine by the drum, they are backflushed by the pressure flushing water and flow out in the slag discharging tank. During operation, the diameter of the drum of the micro-filter drum 2/5 is exposed to the water surface, the number of revolutions is 1-4r/min, the filtration speed of the micro-filter can be 30-120m/h, and the washing water pressure is 0.5-1.5kg/cm2. The amount of flushing water is 0.5-1.0% of the produced water.

The microfiltration machine has a good effect in the treatment of reservoir water, the algae removal efficiency is 40-70%, and the plankton efficiency is 97-100%. In addition, the microfilter has many advantages:

1. Compact structure, light weight, convenient and quick installation.


2, The filter replacement is more convenient, with different specifications of the filter screen can be applied to different water quality treatment requirements.


3. Low energy consumption, stable operation and low noise.


4. It has obvious effects on reducing pollution indicators SS, COD and BOD.

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