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Introduction of biofilm wastewater treatment equipment


Biofilm wastewater treatment equipment is one of the more common treatment equipment on the market. There is a lot of understanding of biofilm technology. Today, Kinglv environmental protection co., LTD. will introduce the characteristics of biofilm wastewater treatment equipment.

1. Strong adsorption capacity

Domestic sewage is rich in a large amount of organic components, and the biofilm method relies on a microbial membrane immobilized on the surface of the carrier to degrade the organic matter. Since the microbial cells can be firmly attached, grown and propagated on the surface of any suitable carrier in the water environment, the cells are firmly The extracellular polymer extending inside and outside causes the microbial cells to form a fibrous entangled structure, and thus the biofilm usually has a pore-like structure and has a strong adsorption property.

2. Mature technology

The biofilm adheres to the surface of the carrier and is a highly hydrophilic substance. Under the condition of continuous flow of sewage, there is always a layer of attached water on the outside. Sewage treatment equipment can produce high-density strain communities through the cultivation of bacteria, and a large number of microorganisms and micro-animals grow on the surface and inside the membrane to form a food chain composed of organic pollutants → bacteria → protozoa (a metazoan). Biofilms are composed of bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, metazoans, and other biomes that are visible to the naked eye.

3. Stable and efficient

When the sewage flows through the surface of the carrier, the organic pollutants in the sewage are adsorbed by the microorganisms in the biofilm, diffused into the biofilm through oxygen, and biooxidation occurs in the membrane, thereby completing the degradation of the organic matter. The biofilm surface is aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, while the inner microbes in the biofilm tend to be in an anaerobic state. When the biofilm is gradually thickened and the thickness of the anaerobic layer exceeds the aerobic layer, the biofilm is caused. Shedding, and the new biofilm will be regenerated on the surface of the carrier, through the periodic renewal of the biofilm to maintain the normal operation of the biofilm reactor in the sewage treatment plant.

The reaction process of biofilm wastewater treatment equipment is more controllable, and the technology of sewage treatment equipment is easier to grasp. From the perspective of input costs, it also has certain advantages and will not generate excessive economic burden.

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