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The role of PLC in buried sewage treatment equipment


PLC has a wide range of applications in industry, manufacturing and our living appliances. PLC is also suitable for buried sewage treatment equipment. As a manufacturer of integrated sewage treatment equipment, Kinglv Environmental has gathered many outstanding PLC engineers. The following brings PLC application in buried sewage treatment equipment.

   The technical difficulty of sewage treatment equipment is that there will be relatively large fluctuations in the quality of the sewage water and the water inflow rate. In the process of sewage treatment, the relevant data will be adjusted according to the changes of sewage water quality and sewage water inflow speed. The highest performance. The use of PLC automation systems in wastewater treatment facilities will alleviate a series of difficulties in wastewater treatment systems.

Buried sewage treatment equipment requires PLC to have the following four functions: one is automatic control; the second is real-time monitoring and management; the third is fault alarm; the fourth is to automatically generate various data reports.

At present, the application of PLC in sewage treatment equipment can be roughly divided into two categories according to different functions. One is a relatively simple data monitoring and acquisition system. This system is actually using the data acquisition terminal to detect various fluctuations in the real-time data in the process of sewage treatment. The system is characterized by low construction and use costs; the second is a fully automatic control system, which uses the more advanced technology, which can detect the changes of various data in the sewage treatment process in real time and according to the changes of the data. The situation takes the corresponding measures. The application of this system in sewage treatment facilities has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of sewage treatment, and also has a positive effect on ensuring the stable operation of buried sewage treatment equipment.

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