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What mechanical equipment is included in domestic sewage treatment?


The sewage treatment industry has many subdivisions, and different mechanical equipment is often used depending on the project. In general, these mechanical devices are divided into two categories: general equipment and special equipment. Today, Kinglv Environmental will explain the composition of domestic sewage treatment equipment.

Domestic sewage treatment is mainly to remove organic matter, inorganic matter and impurities from water, so that the water body can be purified. The entire sewage treatment system includes processes and equipment, and the process is the mechanism and method of sewage treatment.

Sewage from the import to the export discharge standards, generally need to be processed through multiple processes, during which sludge treatment. Each processing section has corresponding equipment, and pumps, valves, fans, and motor parts are indispensable.

The types of pumps are divided into vane pumps, positive displacement pumps and other types of pumps. The vane type pump includes a centrifugal pump, a vortex pump, a mixed flow pump, and an axial flow pump; the positive displacement pump includes a reciprocating pump, a rotor pump, and the like; and other pumps include a jet pump, an electromagnetic pump, and the like. In addition, the pump is divided into dry and submersible. The sewage pump in the sewage treatment is used in a large amount, the centrifugal pump and the axial flow pump are used in the pumping room, the submersible pump is used in the other sewage treatment plant, the rotor pump is used for the sludge transmission, and the sludge pump, the electromagnetic pump and the metering pump are also used. Wait.

The pump and the valve complement each other. There must be valves in the pipeline. The valves are used more. The gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, ball valve and check valve are used in different occasions and pipelines.

Fans include centrifugal fans and axial fans. Axial fans are used in almost every processing section to ventilate and exhaust harmful gases. Depending on the size of the process, the blower power is typically from tens to hundreds of kilowatts. Not waiting.

Domestic sewage treatment equipment consists of various general mechanical equipment. In addition to the above enumeration, a large number of accessories such as conveying pipes and pipe joints are required. The above is the composition of domestic sewage treatment equipment. For more information, please pay attention to Kinglv official website.

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