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Maldives Intelligent Sanitation Class Visits Kinglv Environmental Protection Technology Exchange Conference


On July 17, 2018, as the key exchange enterprise of the environmental protection international exchange project led by the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Hunan Kinglv Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as Kinglv) ushered in the Maldives 20 foreign students in the intelligent sanitation class. The 20 foreign students who came to study and exchange came from the Maldives Environmental Energy Department and its subordinate waste management and power companies.

kinglv conference

First of all, Mr. Wang Zheng, the head of the overseas business department, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of  Kinglv, and introduced the company and business situation to the guests. Through the corporate videos, the participants have a preliminary understanding of Kinglv. Next, Ms. Xiang Jia Wen, from the overseas business unit, gave a PPT demonstration and detailed introduction on the technical aspects of the company's soil remediation, solid waste recycling and wastewater treatment business, which deepened the foreign students' awareness of the company's business. 

wastewater treatment methods

The two sides had active interaction and communication. The participants had a detailed understanding of how to classify and recycle solid waste, technical indicators, production cycle and price of sewage treatment equipment, and highly affirmed the equipment and technology of Kinglv Environmental Protection. Due to the consideration of the large number of domestic islands and the need to disperse the domestic sewage, the students' class has a strong interest in the integrated sewage treatment equipment of Kinglv Environmental Protection. It has repeatedly said that returning to China will re-examine the specific details.

 Integrated Wastewater Treatment Equipment

Finally, the exchange activities ended in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and the playful students took the initiative to take a group photo with the contact staff. Undoubtedly, the good image of Jinlv Environmental has left a deep impression on foreign students, which will take a solid step for Kinglv Environmental Protection to enter the overseas market and establish an international brand!

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