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Introduction to Rural Sewage Treatment in Japan


The Japanese government has always attached importance to environmental protection, and has taken many measures to protect water resources. In the protection, special attention has been paid to the recycling of water resources. The success of sewage treatment in rural Japan is by no means accidental. The characteristics of Japan's rural sewage treatment responsibility management are concentrated in the sound laws and regulations, extensive sources of funds, and sound management of the organization. Many of its practices and experiences can be used for reference in our rural sewage treatment work, especially the main responsibility of the polluters. The social pooling method gives subsidies and other aspects.

Japan emphasizes the main responsibility of polluters, that is, the main financial responsibility of rural residents for sewage treatment. In Japan, residents are responsible for the construction and operation of sewage treatment facilities, whether it is a public sewerage business, an agricultural village drainage facility or a purification tank business.

On the one hand, Japanese rural sewage treatment emphasizes the main responsibility of polluters. On the other hand, it provides various forms of subsidies for rural sewage treatment through the whole society, that is, the government provides subsidies through various means in the process of organization implementation and management. And the size of government subsidies is directly proportional to the effect of rural sewage treatment. In order to promote the development of the rural sewage treatment business, the provincial government (the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) has introduced a subsidy system to provide financial support for the construction of sewage treatment facilities in the septic tanks and rural areas. The government has also taken active measures to provide a certain amount of subsidies to the local government on the basis of the state treasury subsidies.

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