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How to deal with Hotels Domestic Sewage?


With the rise of tourism, various hotel and hotel companies have emerged. However, there is no supporting municipal drainage network around the hotels in some remote areas. Domestic sewage cannot be transported to the sewage treatment plant through pipelines. If these hotels are not treated effectively, water pollution will occur. Although many hotels have begun to use buried sewage treatment equipment, they have encountered many problems. Today, the professional sewage equipment supplier Kinglv Environmental Protection will be the difficulty of sewage treatment in the popular science hotel.

The sewage generated by the hotel is mainly composed of domestic sewage such as catering, flushing and showering. It is characterized by small emissions and large fluctuations in water quality and water; ammonia nitrogen and phosphate content are high. High organic content and good biodegradability. The catering wastewater has complex composition, low pH, high SS, high turbidity and high organic content, including dietary fiber, starch, fat, animal and vegetable oils, various ingredients, detergents and proteins. The water quality and quantity of catering wastewater are greatly affected by people's living and eating habits. Sometimes, the content of various pollutants in catering wastewater in some places is more than several times in the content of ordinary catering wastewater. Once the sewage concentration is too high, the water volume exceeds the equipment load, and the sewage treatment equipment cannot be guaranteed. Kinglv Environmental Advice Hotel should accurately estimate the total daily sewage treatment when selecting equipment.

In addition, the hotel catering wastewater contains a large amount of suspended matter and animal and vegetable oils, while animal and vegetable oils will block dissolved oxygen in the atmosphere and enter the water body. During the treatment, the oil will also be wrapped around the microorganisms to cause its hypoxia death, affecting the treatment effect. A large amount of suspended matter is mostly food crumb, the particles are large, and it is difficult to be utilized by microorganisms, and it is easy to cause blockage of treatment facilities during the treatment process, which brings difficulties to hotel sewage treatment. Therefore, Kinglv Environmental recommends that the hotel catering wastewater treatment project must pre-treat the catering wastewater instead of relying entirely on integrated sewage equipment.

Due to the particularity of water quality in restaurant wastewater, hotel wastewater treatment methods are generally divided into two stages: pretreatment and treatment. In practice, a variety of technologies are often used. The main target of treatment is also to remove COD and suspension in restaurant wastewater. The development of materials and animal and vegetable oils. Scientific and rational design can make sewage treatment equipment play its full role.

Domestic Sewage treatment

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