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Ms. Luo Yan, Chief Representative for Greater China of CA Group, visited Kinglv


On the afternoon of November 6, 2015, Ms. Luo Yan, the chief representative of CA Group Greater China, one of the largest construction groups in Singapore, visited Hunan Kinglv Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (stock code: 833730) for guidance. Yang Feiwen, the chairman of the Kinglv, expressed his warm welcome to the CA Group and gave a detailed introduction to the company's development strategy, business philosophy, corporate culture and listing. Company executives Jiang Chaohua and Luo Bo also attended the meeting.



Ms. Luo said that under the leadership of Chairman Chen Jinrong, CA Group has developed into one of Singapore's largest construction groups and has participated in the construction of Singapore's famous Sands Hotel and Sentosa Park. With the implementation of China's “One Belt, One Road” strategy, opportunities for cooperation with Chinese companies will increase in the future. The main purpose of this trip is to understand the development history of Kinglv and its development strategy plan after the listing, and to prepare for further technical exchanges and business cooperation. Chairman Yang Feiwen said that as a world-famous garden city country, Singapore has advanced environmental protection technology and strong capital. It has become the largest source of funds for investment in China. The company has broad prospects for cooperation with CA Group. Subsequently, the two sides conducted extensive and cordial exchanges on PPP and BOT project cases, and both parties expressed their willingness to conduct long-term and in-depth cooperation.


This exchange coincides with President Xi Jinping's state visit to Singapore. As China and Singapore agree to establish an all-round cooperative partnership of "advance with the times," the relationship between the two countries will be pushed to a higher level. The cooperation between Kinglv and Singapore CA Group will also contribute to deepening the pragmatic cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

About Kinglv:

Kinglv was founded in 2004. With 14 years experience, it has become one of the largest supplier in environment protection and covered all markets of China. Currently, its expertise include solutions to a diverse range of wastewater treatment such as sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, soil remediation, solid waste treatment, equipment manufacturing, environmental consulting and impact assessment, cleaner production audit, environmental detection, environmental engineering design, and construction.

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