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Bangladesh Study Tours Visits Kinglv Environmental Protection Technology


On July 29, more than 20 government officials and technical researchers from the Bangladesh Disaster Relief Management Department visited Hunan Kinglv Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (stock code: 833730, hereinafter referred to as Kinglv) on the special theme of environmental governance.


At 3 pm, the delegation arrived on time and has received a warm reception from Kinglv Environmental Protection Overseas Business Department. After the company's business and technology were thoroughly introduced by Mr. Wang Zheng and Ms. Xiang Jiawen, the heads of overseas business units, the students were excited to have an in-depth discussion Kinglv Environmental Protection Overseas Team on waste sorting, soil remediation and sewage treatment. Foreign guests who came to participate in the study and exchanges appreciated the business model of Kinglv Environmental Protection and highly recognized the company's equipment and technology. They repeatedly asked Mr. Wang to provide the PPT data demonstrated so that they could conduct in-depth analysis after returning home.



After the exchange of business cards and contact information, the exchange activities ended in a cheerful atmosphere. At the request of the students, the Kinglv Overseas Team and the members of the exchange group took a group photo.


The event was organized by the Regulation Department of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce. As one of the key enterprises in Hunan's foreign exchange exhibition, Kinglv has always been at the forefront. At the same time, Bangladesh is one of the key markets for Kinglv in Southeast Asia. This technical exchange meeting is of great significance for the export of Kinglv brand and its future entry into the country's market.



About Kinglv:

Kinglv was founded in 2004. With 14 years experience, it has become one of the largest supplier in environment protection and covered all markets of China. Currently, its expertise include solutions to a diverse range of wastewater treatment such as sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, soil remediation, solid waste treatment, equipment manufacturing, environmental consulting and impact assessment, cleaner production audit, environmental detection, environmental engineering design, and construction.

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