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Kinglv and Hunan Agricultural Universitys Production-Study-Research Cooperation Achieves Full Success


Recently, the Production-Study-Research Cooperation activity of Changsha-Hunan Agricultural University was held in the Life Science Building of Hunan Agricultural University. The Science and Technology Bureau of Changsha City led the district/county (city) science and technology bureau, the park and related enterprises to go to Hunan Agricultural University to “explore treasure”, which actively promote the long-term transformation of Hunan Agricultural University's scientific and technological achievements, and attract more experts and professors to come to the park for innovation and entrepreneurship. Zhou Qingming, Party Secretary of Hunan Agricultural University, Lu Xiangyang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan Agricultural University, Zeng Fusheng, Vice President of Hunan Agricultural University, Chen Xianjun, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Achievements and Technology Market Department of Hunan Science and Technology Department, Zhao Yuesi, Party Secretary and Director of Changsha Science and Technology Bureau, Mr. Zhou YiPing, deputy director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Changsha, Li Yuelin, director of the Institute of Production-Study-Research Cooperation of Changsha University of Science and Technology, Qu Junlin, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of Central South University of Forestry and Technology, and Ren LeiFu, director of the Changsha Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Service Center, attended the event.



Zhang Jianfeng, Dean of the Technical Research Institute of Hunan Kinglv Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (stock code: 833730), signed a project cooperation agreement with Professor Lei Ming of the College of Resources and Environment of Hunan Agricultural University as the signing representative of the company, marking the  Production-Study-Research Cooperation of  our company.  Kinglv has always attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and cooperation in Production-Study-Research Cooperation. It has always regarded innovation drive as an important support for promoting the development of transformation and innovation, and regards industry-university-research cooperation as an important magic weapon to enhance the ability of independent innovation. The signing will vigorously promote the technological innovation reform in the field of farmland restoration in our company, transform the advanced scientific and technological achievements of universities into the core technology of the company and promote the formation of environmental protection industry in the field of farmland restoration, and promote the vigorous development of soil remediation and environmental protection.


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