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Technical requirements for sewage treatment in villages and towns


Compared with urban sewage treatment, rural sewage treatment is more dependent on technology. Kinglv Inc. will introduce you to several technologies of rural sewage treatment.

Rural sewage treatment technology should have three basic characteristics: First, it is free from operation and low maintenance, that is, no one should always stare at the operation, and this operation-free operation should not be based on self-control, and the maintenance and repair volume should be low. This is rural sewage. The requirements must be met by the treatment technology; the second is the impact load, because the daily water quality of the rural sewage varies greatly, the water is cut off at night, and the load is high in the morning; the third is low energy consumption, according to the basic principles of mass conservation and energy conservation, artificial aeration of aerobic Processing technology, the village-scale water consumption per ton must exceed 1 kWh, such high power consumption, must use low-energy technology.

Treatment of water reuse: It is not advisable to adopt uniform emission standards (eg Level A). According to the water quality standard of reclaimed water, the sewage can be used for irrigation, greening and flushing after treatment.

Disposal of sewage sludge: It is preferred to use technologies and processes with low mud production. Priority is given to land reuse (nutritive soil additives, soil improvement, landfill cover soil) based on shale composition.

In short, the key to sewage treatment technology is to adapt to local conditions. In some European countries, such as the Czech Republic, the use of sedimentation tanks followed by cerium oxide or wetlands is used in village sewage. Japan's single-family sewage use purification tanks, because Japan's resources are scarce, it is impossible to use large-scale technology, so it is very important to adapt to local conditions. What kind of technology should be adopted, it is from the perspective of operation, long-term perspective, and sustainable development.

In order to solve the problem of sewage treatment in villages and towns, our company has developed KL-TANK series products. It is mainly applicable to the rural dispersed sewage treatment, small inn, farm family and so on. KL-TANK can significantly improve the rural living environment and realize water saving.

Rural Wastewater Purification System

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