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Principles and characteristics of aeration equipment


Aeration equipment is one of the most widely used equipment in sewage treatment projects. It not only has good effects, but also is easy to operate and low in cost. Kinglv Environmental has selected a variety of aeration equipments in a large number of domestic sewage treatment projects and river treatment projects. Today, we will take a comprehensive understanding of the principles and characteristics of aeration equipment.

Principle of aeration equipment

The aeration technology is essentially a process of gas absorption, which is based on the mass transfer between gas and liquid. This process can be explained in conjunction with the double membrane theory, that is, the aeration technique can treat the oxygen molecules in the air into a liquid state after being treated. At the same time, in the process, the laminar gas film and liquid film treatment are required to fully realize the conversion process. The power of oxygen molecules passing through the double membrane is mainly caused by the pressure of the gas membrane and the concentration of the liquid membrane. And the interface of the double membrane also hinders the flow process.

Advantages of aeration equipment

Aeration equipment has many advantages, which can be summarized as follows:

The internal structure is simple and easy to operate. Aeration equipment in the environmental engineering process compared to other processing technologies, the operation is more convenient, and can effectively save costs, which provides great convenience for water treatment. 

In the process of treatment, the oxygenation effect is better, and it can provide sufficient oxygen concentration for water treatment, which effectively improves the treatment effect on sewage to a certain extent. 

It can effectively control secondary pollution. It is a more environmentally friendly water treatment method. And it also effectively saves the cost of treated water. It is a technology with good treatment effect.

The above is the principle and characteristics of aeration equipment. A wide range of aeration equipment includes underwater aeration, surface aeration, and blast aeration, so it needs to be selected according to the actual needs of the project. A reasonable combination of hair can make the most of the equipment.

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