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Key points for the use of integrated wastewater treatment equipment


The function of integrative wastewater treatment equipment is more and more perfect, and it has become a sharp weapon in rural water environment management. However, many customers simply believe that as long as the quality of the equipment is reliable, the water quality can be guaranteed to reach the standard. In fact, the use of the equipment can not be ignored. Kinglv Environmental Protection will introduce some tips when using the equipment today.

Filtering at the preprocessing stage

The use of integrated wastewater treatment equipment must be pre-treated to filter out the large solid debris in the water to avoid blockage of the equipment. Cover the inlet cover when operating the domestic sewage treatment equipment to avoid all kinds of accidents or a solid debris drop in the sewage pool.  This will not only affect the effect of the entire sewage treatment but will also block the dredging pipes and even damage the water pump or other related accessories.

Safety management specification

Most of the integrated wastewater treatment equipment is used in rural areas, the control cabinet is exposed. The safety of electricity cannot be neglected. When operating the equipment, construction personnel cannot ignore the safety measures. As long as you access to the site, you must wear standard protective supplies, in order to ensure the safety of construction personnel.

Water quantity & quality problems

The water quantity design should be within the range that can be carried, especially in some areas, the rain and waste water are not diverted. When the water in the rainy season is far more than usual, it is extremely easy to cause the equipment breakdown. The water quality that is too acidic or alkaline will affect the normal growth of the biofilm and needs strict control.

The above is the key points of using integrated sewage treatment equipment. In the operation of the equipment, IT must be safety-oriented and carry out standardized operation, so as to ensure long-term and stable equipment operation.

integrated wastewater treatment equipment

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