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1、Enhanced composite hydrolysis acidification technology

Through placing biological filler with high efficiency in the regulating tank and micro-aerating appropriate to waste water, the waste water is under hydrolytic acidification conditions. The macromolecules in the wastewater can be decomposed into small molecules which improving the biodegradability of wastewater and enhancing the efficiency of subsequent biochemical treatment unit, thereby improving the overall removal rate of pollutants.

In the micro- aerobic system, there are aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria and facultative, the proportion of the three species is determined by the concentration of dissolved oxygen in wastewater. Comparing to a simple aerobic or anaerobic system, microbial species in the micro- aerobic system is more comprehensive therefore degradation effect is better.

2、 Enhanced nitrogen and phosphorus removal CASS technology

The traditional CASS technology has the advantages of simple process, flexible operation, excellent shock resistance, small footprint, low investment, low residual sludge production and less sludge expansion.

KL innovated the Enhanced nitrogen and phosphorus removal CASS technology based on traditional CASS,it not only retains the advantages of traditional technology, but also overcomes some weaknesses including the uneven distribution of water and the low removal efficiency of phosphorus. It can be applied to upgrading the exist wastewater treatment plant.

3、Ozone - biological activated carbon immobilized microbial treatment technology

The refractory organic matter in wastewater is first decomposed by strong oxidation of ozone, and then be degraded by the microorganisms in the bioactive carbon system. This technology makes use of the adsorption ability of activated carbon on the organic matter, increasing the residence time of the organic matter in the biological bed, thus the organic matter can be more completely degraded by the microorganism.

4、Modified low dissolved oxygen A2 /O simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorus removal technology

The aeration zone can be evenly aerated by intensive and large surface aeration. using It uses special structures and reflux method to achieve the uniform of the sludge concentration and organic concentration in the tank. The carbon source can be reasonably distributed by using the flexible multipoint method, and the carbon source is can be satisfied with the nitrogen removal and phosphorus removal.

The investment and operating cost of this technology can be reduced by 20% ~ 30% compared with traditional activated sludge process, and has the advantages of strong flexibility, wide application range, etc.

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